waste tires recycling business become booming in 2017

2017-06-09 10:37

The waste rubber tire market has entered the coldest winter of the rubber industry in 2015.While,the summer in 2016,it is the winter of the waste rubber tire industry.But the winter is coming,the spring is not far away.
Waste rubber tire market is opening the warmer journey in 2016.
Practitioners can not help asking,the market will usher in the warm summer or is still cold winter in 2017?

Classification and use of waste tires
Waste tires occupy more than 80% of the market for waste rubber, 900 about the waste steel tire for the car tires, by the top of the tire impact, generally used for refining;
900-1200 waste steel tires, generally used for the production of tire powder, recycled rubber; 1200-1800 tires by the volume, transport is not convenient and other factors, generally used as refurbished tires.
In 2016, the powder and recycled rubber market showed a rebound in the overall trend of the overall trend of shock, before August, the market are in a lower volatile situation, 7-8 month powder, in some areas due to the impact of the runway incident,
Part of the grain products even in the embarrassing situation of nobody cares. Late market gradually pick up.
July 8, 2016, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Finance issued a "key industries volatile organic matter reduction action plan", plans to put in the oil refining and petrochemical industry, rubber industry, packaging and printing industry, footwear industry,
Renewable plastic industry, will implement the technological transformation project, and clearly put forward the renewable plastic industry to promote the continuous pressure of continuous desulfurization process, the complete elimination of old-style desulfurization, the use of green additives instead of coal tar and other toxic additives,
And in the implementation of enterprises in the recovery and comprehensive management projects.
Powder is mainly used for renewable rubber production, rubber products production, infrastructure projects, such as waterproofing membrane and modified asphalt and other fields. Encourage the use of recycled products, especially the production of powder production is to solve the waste tires produce black pollution important
way. At present, China's infrastructure projects in a period of rapid development, powder paving into the practical stage, the demand for powder will undoubtedly further increase.